September 14, 2021

Task Force 3.0



The Task Force is Awesomity’s effort to develop a solid and talented pool of software developers and product designers right here in the heart of Africa. So far we have had two taskforce bootcamps and now we are on phase 3.0.

The Bootcamp helps us instill our culture and standards in the next generation of developers who in the near future will join our team or COA’s.
In Taskforce 3.0 we have 9 participants and we are super excited about how they are working so hard every day towards their goals of becoming experts in their fields.

Paradis is one of the talented people that we have and she is one of the two and only females designers that we have on taskforce 3.0 ( How cool is that 🔥).
Here is what she has to say about this bootcamp.

" I am happy with the improvements I am seeing so far. My very first take from soft skills is that the actual presentation takes less than 7% of the whole success of the presentation and this is something that was new to me. Second is I didn't realize how much empathy can contribute to an effective communication, the communication  session shed more light to me about this matter.

On the technical side, I learnt more about user stories and how helpful and impactful they are towards developing a good user interface by understanding things through the user’s perspective, I’ve also learnt how to formulate properly user stories, so that they can be more precise to the functionality itself. What was more of a challenge was completing the user story’s exercises and challenges in so little time but I managed to also put in a little bit more efforts.

I was also introduced to the developer’s world a bit, and  the whole process was new to me but it was interesting to learn some technicalities and how they affect the whole process in the end.

During this bootcamp, we also get to experience some relaxed days, where morning sessions are about values, those sessions are interesting because we often don’t realize what we know about ourselves until we pause and reflect on it, those sessions are more a reflection and it is also nice getting to know more about the team and CoA’s values.


That is basically it for the soft and easy part😂, because what mostly follows is more of a rollercoaster, as part of our weekly technical challenges we get to create mockups that match a project we have to come up with based on functionalities we are given, hilarious huh?🤣 Normally it’s the project first but this time nahh.


This is a challenge because it’s not the usual way we do it, we sometimes don't even know where to start but we eventually find our ways, this allows me to think of certain functionalities as a main part of the project’s success not just as add ons.

Briefly the past weeks were more intense, more challenging but again more fruitful. On a personal level I feel like I’m improving and I can’t wait to see what the next weeks have in store for me😅. "

By Paradis Isimbi