February 19, 2021


Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends, where he shared with me his everyday experiences in his job. Normally his job is to help young people to dream further .. speaking of it he told me about a young boy he once asked what was his biggest dream ... the boy answered that his dream was to become a cyclist or a driver ..., we laughed on this but suddenly I asked myself this question,… of all the good dreams that a person could have especially when you are still young; why did this boy choose to be a cyclist? The answer is simple ... in his entourage the only successful person he knows is that one person who owns a bicycle... So it is in this aspect that he defines himself.

We constantly see how much the people around us have a great impact on us especially those who have been able to cross the limits that you have not yet been able to cross but that you would rather cross and go beyond. I believe that everyone will love that his model guides him in the path in which he took to reach his goal. Not only the people who have taken as models but also people with more experiences .. people who can guide you ... we all need someone who gives us advice about different decisions that we want to take ... this person then is called a mentor.Many people have them but they hardly realize it.

Having a mentor can be beneficial and fun since you get to share different life’s experiences. Here are some simple facts that can make you understand better about having a mentor:

  • increase your skills whether in job or outside the job, adaptability, salary and self-worth, through advice's that your mentor provides for you.
  • shows you the great and unexpected benefits of having a mentor and how you’ll feel comfortable — both at work and in your personal life.
  • You’ll stay in demand. Your mentor — knows how to adjust to certain environmental changes , and they’ll show you how to do the same. By learning new skills and making the right changes, you’ll stay being the strength to your firm.
  • if it’s in a job field, it will be more than a job title because that’s not the only thing that defines you. All your skills , potential and passions are not revealed through your job only. Your mentor will learn in which field you are strong in and help you plot your career path, spot personal development opportunities and even help you find a job you’re better suited to.
  • You will feel happier and more comfortable at work. A mentor is not just there to have fun. They will help you improve your career and become more competent in your work. When you feel at ease in what you do, you will feel happier in your work and your personal life.
  • You’ll become a better YOU. Your mentor is the office equivalent of that person who reminds you to get back into line when you behave inappropriately. By showing you the reality plus your strengths and your weaknesses, he or she will help you be mindful about yourself, respect people around you more and become a better team player. In short, they’ll help you build your character.
  • You’ll keep on learning. Most people will tell you they have a mentor, too. The benefits of having a mentor don’t stop when you reach to your goals. You’re never too experienced or high up to learn from others.

Nowadays professionals consult mentors to better practice their careers. And whether you're on the side of giving or receiving, mentoring can benefit your career. Mentoring can be beneficial to both people, personally and professionally. It’s an open bridge to opportunities like developing communication skills, building your social relations, and contemplate new ways of dealing with different situations. And through that both the mentee and mentor can proceed their careers in the process.