February 19, 2021

How about Mondays

How about Mondays

Now that today it’s Monday, let’s talk about Mondays and what comes after every Monday.

Well I bet everybody be complaining about Monday’s existence, as my team does, wondering where it came from and why it still appears on the calendar… after all the busy and tough weeks that it carries us through to finally leave many of us wrecked, miserable, irritated… and when we think we’re done with it, it always finds a way back to us at the very beginning of the week carrying more complicated and challenging tasks with it… and we always find ourselves forced to face them Mondays over and over again.

I know,… the idea of going back to work or school on Mondays especially when the weekends were too lit makes us feel like giving up on the rest of the week ahead…

But then what’s the logic behind? why do we still push through them Mondays after all the work hangovers and obvious short weekends?

and what if we forget about working and live stress-free lives as if everyday was a weekend? can it be possible?

Well NO!!!!!!

What I want people reading this blog to know is that there is always a tough Monday… a tough week behind every lit weekend! In other words, there is no gain without struggle.

We curse them Mondays and praise them weekends… And why not praising them both? because at the end of the day, I and my team came to realize that through them hard Mondays we get them lit weekends!

And that’s how life is people we have to always struggle if we want our dreams to come true…

And everything has a starting point and an ending point,… centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours,… everything… so stop giving room to that feeling of rushing into weekends, go through Mondays first,…

And what I think should really matter in our businesses, as well as our everyday lives, is the pain, the struggle we go through and the sweat on our white collars... because basically it’s through those things that we are going to be able to be more successful.

Life is all about hustling baby… Legacy, success, dignity, as well as most lit weekends ever… these are all the results of hard work.

So please beautiful people face them Mondays and forget about ‘lundiose’. Try not seeing a Monday as a problem but instead a wide open door to all the opportunities you may think of… it’s all about courage.

Lancelot Sheja in charge of communication at Awesomity Lab!!!!