November 25, 2021


Access to International Partnerships in IT (AIPI) is a partnership project between the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) and Rwanda ICT Chamber. They are implementing a partnership project that is of great benefits to their respective member companies and both ICT ecosystems at large. Their mission is a strengthened Rwandan ICT ecosystem that contributes to the intensification of mutually profitable cooperations between Rwandan and German companies that promotes business locations in both countries.

The project sees itself as an eye-opener regarding African markets, which is one of many reasons why all cooperations and activities take place at eye level.

"We are convinced that both countries can learn from each other and thus create valuable synergies on both sides." said one of AIPI members.

The goal of this partnership is an increased number of jobs in the Rwandan ICT sector as well as improved international competitiveness and compensation for the shortage of skilled workers in Germany.


Internships: With the goal of creating jobs, 5 interns have been given internship opportunities through AIPI partnerships with hosting companies. Companies include
Hview tech, Shora Ventures and Dtravela. With the aim of turning internships into jobs opportunities.
GS1 Workshop: Together with the experts from GS1 Germany, more than 20 manufactures and producers from different companies were hosted. The main objective of this workshop was to raise awareness about international standards (GS1) and how GS1 Rwanda can be set up.

Tech Upskill: AIPI has launched a competition program of Tech Upskill. The
program was focusing on the new/existing talents and innovators in ICT and
engineering related fields covering both software and hardware development.

iSQI trainings: Through AIPI project iSQI (International Software Qualification Institute)) the market leaders in software qualification offers certifications recognized internationally after completing two phases of trainings (CTFL and TMAP). AIPI iSQI certified 50 beneficiaries, in order to be able to compete and to expand their own portfolio to an international level.