February 19, 2021

An awesome programmer despite the challenges.

An awesome programmer despite the challenges.

The journey to make awesome apps is not easy , but a smooth sea never made a great sailor… As we are awesome programmers we’d like to show you some of the things that maybe barriers for you in programming and also some of the things that may help you overcome those challenges in a cool and awesome way…… But it’s all up to you to choose on which side you wanna see things…. if it’s in a complicated way of course it’s going to be difficult but if you choose to be positive and commit yourself to your work as we do…. trust us, nothing will ever make you feel useful and happy as being a programmer.

The main first thing of all you have to know is that Your motivation is in the learning and practice process!

So let’s deal with challenges in an awesome way:

1.Don’t do it because you want to earn money or else most of your friends do it and are successful in it….. Do it because you have been able to identify problems in your environment and that you feel like your programming skills are going to help solve those problems. Build an app to build the society the more you grow, money will come too.

2.It may be a big challenge and sometimes giving up seems to be the only option all along the way ,but it’s all about encouragement and determination.

3.Consider setting goals before starting a project because not all the projects are enjoyable to be done at that right time but that strong feeling you have of making something big for the society will push you through everything.

There is also this thing of identifying the platform you want to develop for, so that you can identify the proper language you feel you’d be comfortable in.

The majority of people once they start this long journey of programming they find it way difficult because they do not know why they want to learn programming language.

there is:

  • IOS app => you can go with objective C or swift
  • Android app=> Java and XML
  • Web app=> JavaScript <HTML & CSS & many more

most languages gives you the most leverage.

Another thing you can take into consideration is that “you can’t apply theories, you learn and the rest is up to you.”

  • go for Programming courses
  • No underestimating yourself……. keep on going and learning

…….. Then …..

4.Choose a challenging project to work on… but something that really excites you

Then split it in small tasks. If they are still difficult split them once more… again and again till you find them easy to be completed… and do not use too many theoretical concepts at once.

It is better to work on one project and proceed with another once the first one is done… it’s too bad to work on too many projects at once…. it’s confusing.. well unless you have super powers!

And then make sure that you know all the necessary theories before starting to work on a task.

Well now that you have read the small keys to being an awesome programmer. Go on and start now it always seem difficult before you start but once you start that’s when you see the world’s beauty hidden in them codes.